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5 Reasons To Choose Fazua

There is a lot of choice in the E-Bike market now for motor supplier and the number is only increasing. All claiming to be more efficient, more powerful and better than the competition. So why should you choose Fazua? What real-world features and benefits does the system have over its competition?

1. It is genuinely light

A lot of E-Bike systems claim to be light, however many only give the weight of the motor or it does not include wiring or display. Fazua is upfront about it, and it is genuinely under 5kg. This includes everything the system needs to function, even the battery lock. Compared to Shimano's top specification E8000 motor which is 3 kgs on its own.

2. Waldeinsamkeit

The German word 'Waldeinsamkeit' should apply to any cyclists seeking freedom, it translates to 'that special feeling of solitude when alone in the woods.' Nothing worse than ruining all that solitude then the whine of an E-Bike motor. We tried to record the actual decibels but it was so quiet it did not even register.

3. Simplicity

From the engineering to the user experience and support Fazua system is simple. No complicated wiring to Fazua uses a solid connection not just from the battery to the Drive Unit but then again to Bottom Bracket helping drive your legs like your riding with a tailwind. The touch remote has 4 settings (Breeze, River, Rocket & Walk Assist) everything else is done on the App. Speaking of which there is no complicated setup or hundreds of settings to adjust and work out. Connect via Bluetooth and away you go, grab yourself a Quad Lock and it will even do mapping for you.

Learn more about the Fazua App here

4. It's like you but on a good day

Thanks to the unique way in which the Fazua system tracks and calculates your effort it provides smooth and predictable assistance. No huge surges of power, no jerking you around on cut out and most of the time you have to check it is actually doing something. Trust us it is.

5. Exciting possibilities

What Fazua and the E-Adventure 1.0 has helped us to do is not just get out of the car or get us to work quicker. It really has helped us to go further, ride more, experience more and really push what we thought we could. Thanks to Fazua's constant updates in their software and system it is getting more efficiency and with more add-on's coming we can not wait for even bigger adventures in the future. Watch this space.