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E Adventurers' Challenge

Cairn bike leant against a trig point

The dictionary definition of adventure is: 'an unusual and exciting or daring experience', but we believe it is more than that. In reality, it means so many different things to different people. It can encompass a range of experiences, from traversing the great outdoors to taking the long way home from work. Adventuring is individual and personal.

We want to break down the perception that adventures require time and money, rather it's what you make of your surroundings, so to celebrate the freedom of adventure we are going to set you an E-Adventure challenge for each month of 2023.

Cyclist riding towards the sunset on a gravel track
Cyclist sat against trig point
Cyclist walking into the sunset

January E-Adventure

After polishing off too much cheese, wine and other indulgences over the holiday period, plus the rubbish British weather, we're kicking January off with a nice and achievable one. So share with us your coffee E-Adventures. It could be a brew made at the top of a Cairn or trig point after a ride up to it, or as simple as having a great ride that passes your favourite coffee shop or roaster.

To join the challenge, send your photos to our inbox team@cairncycles.com to be in with the chance of winning a bag of goodies and getting featured on our website and social media pages.

Alternatively, you can tag us on Instagram and Facebook @cairncycles and use the Hashtag #eadventurers

Eadventure bike infront of Foundy coffee roasters

February E-Adventure

February is generally a pretty dull month, but it's packed with history. Charles Dickens was born on the 7th of Feb 1812, Penicillin was discovered by Sir Alexander Fleming on the 14th of Feb 1929, Howard Carter opened Tutankhamen in the Valley of the Kings on the 16th of Feb 1923.

We want to hear your stories and see your pics from rides you have done or planning to do with historic significance. Maybe it is a topic you are passionate about or your discovered something about the place you were riding you didn’t know before and the bike is what help you make that discovery. So get out there in Feb and learn about some history.


Check out Product Manager Matt’s pic for some inspiration. The Sarsen Stone on top of the Seven Sisters is a memorial to Captain Willam Charles Campbell. The stone was put there in 1926 by The Society of Sussex Downsman. In commemoration of Captain William’s munificent donation in the form of purchasing huge swathes of land in around the Seven Sisters to preserve it for the nation for generations to come.