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60 Day Ride & Return | €900 off E-Adventure Rival | All Import Taxes Included

First Full Ride Review Courtesy Of Singletrack

Singletrack has been following the development of the Cairn E-Adventure 1.0 pretty closely over the last year or so. Cycling enthusiasts themselves they wanted to see how E-Gravel could fit into their lives and already large bike fleets. After they did the first look in the back end of summer 2019 they could not wait to get a leg over.

Finally, in October we managed to get one over to Hannah to take on the Yorkshire winter muck with. Hannah has posted her thoughts and you can use the link below to see what she had to say on the E-Adventure 1.0.

What Hannah had to say: 'It made the bike an easier choice to make on days when it felt hard. For someone looking to make their commute more fun but keep their average speed up, it would be a good choice.' & 'Unlike an e-MTB, the Cairn isn’t a boring slog to ride on sections between fun trails, so makes for happy exploring.

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