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Partnering with SmartFit

Smart Fit Logo

We understand that as an online brand there is still some fear about buying a bike online. One of the biggest blockers is sizing and fit, something you would normally check in a bike shop if you were unsure but obviously something you cannot do when buying online. So, we have partnered with SmartFit to provide you with the most accurate and easy to use sizing guide on the market to displace any worries about buying direct.

How does it work? SmartFit has gathered data through fitting and working with over 100 manufactures and 15000 bikes to create an algorithm. That algorithm takes all of this data and compares it to the data we have provided for Cairn. Using this genuine real-life experience and data means we can give you an individual sizing recommendation every time.

How is it different to other guides? Other guides will use a law of averages to calculate which size you need. So, for example if you are 5 ft 7” an average person of this height has an arm length of 67 cm and inside leg is 76 cm. However, these measurements do not apply to everyone. Which means if you are on the fringes of a size and you have a longer or shorter limb measurements, choosing whether to size up or down is a difficult decision. It is at this point where you would normally seek advice from a bike shop, experienced fitter or spend hours looking at geometry to try and work it out yourself. With smart fit it takes these measurements in to account, so if you are 5 ft 7” and have a 69 cm arm length and 81 cm inside leg it might suggest going to a medium size over a small.

SmartFit Sizing Steps

How does SmartFit give me the size? Once you have followed the 3 steps to get your accurate sizing information, Smart fit shows you exact where you fit with in your size range and of course the actual size of bike they would recommend I one simple graphic.

SmartFit Cairn Size Suggestion