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How To Do the Fazua Motor Software 2.0 Update

The Motor Software is largely responsible for the support behaviour and the functionality of your eBike. So make sure to keep your drive system up to date.

To carry out the Motor Software update, connect your Drivepack to the Fazua Toolbox Software. You don't need the whole eBike for this.

1. Take the Drivepack out of the eBike, switch on the battery and slide it into the Drivepack.
2. Remove the USB cap with a Torx T10 screwdriver.
3. Carefully lift off the USB cap using a soft plastic lever.
4. Download the current Toolbox Software and start it with a double click.
5. Download the latest Motor Software from the Fazua website and save it on your computer.
6. Connect the Drivepack to your computer using a mini USB cable and lay it on a flat surface. Toolbox Software: Call up the "SOFTWAREUPDATE" menu. Click on "SELECT SOFTWARE" and open the Motor Software file you just downloaded.
Click on "Update".
7. Do not move your Drivepack during the update process and hold it lightly, as possible vibrations during calibration can move the Drivepack. Nevertheless, if the motor does not vibrate the calibration could still be carried out successfully.
8. Wait for the update to install and the motor calibration to complete.
9. Disconnect the USB cable and carefully screw the USB cap with a maximum of 1-1.5 Nm. Attention: If the torque is incorrect, the USB cap can be damaged!
If you insert the drive pack with the new motor software into your eBike, your remote will get an update. The LEDs flash during this process.

CAUTION! The Drivepack must not be used without a USB cap! Otherwise, the system is no longer waterproof and damage would be unavoidable. In the event of such damage, the guarantee expires!

If you need further support, please contact: Explore@Cairncycles.com.