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What is the Fazua Ride System?

The Fazua Ride 50 System consists of three main parts:

  1. 1. Bottom Bracket
  2. 2. Drivepack
  3. 3. Energy 250x Battery.

They all integrate neatly into the frame of the bike. At under 4.6kgs for the entire system, Fazua Ride 50 is lightweight, efficient and thanks to its unique design, seamlessly blends into your ride.

Fazua Energy 250x Battery
Cairn Rambler E-bike with Fazua Ride 50
Cairn Rambler E-bike with Fazua Ride 50

How does it work?

Fazua Ride 50 is unique in that it has no gearing inside the drive pack and uses only the gearing on the bike to help provide the assistance. Unlike other E-Bike systems, which rely on internal gearing, Fazua uses a ratcheted freewheel system which can decouple the engine from the transmission, giving you the ability to reach peak speeds on your own, without having to pedal against any additional gearing.

Assistance is provided based on a complex algorithm and continuous analysis of rider input data. That data comes from super sensitive torque and cadence sensors in the bottom bracket along with the speed sensor and magnet on the rear wheel combine with the desired rider profile loaded in to the system.

Fazua ride 50 drive pack and bottom bracket
Cairn Electric Gravel Bike rider

That Tailwind Feel

The Fazua Ride 50 system isn’t going to have you reaching for a seat belt. What it's designed to be like is teaching a kid to ride for the first time. Holding on to the saddle and giving you that gentle nudge along shouting ‘you got this, keep pedalling’. Its keeping you going, giving you a helping hand, getting you further then you achieved before, that tailwind feeling in any direction.

Its lack of gearing and drag means the input of power can be applied and tapered in a much smoother manner, resulting in a more pleasurable and controllable system input.


Call it 2 bikes in 1. Instantly drop 3.3kgs from your bike by replacing the Drivepack and Battery with the down tube cover and thanks to that drag free design you have both an electric and acoustic bike in the shed.

Energy 250x Battery  

The FAZUA Energy 250X is purposefully small and light. In fact it weighs about as much as a bottle of water and can be easily switched out mid ride, which is great for long rides. Either carry an additional battery with the Cairn Range Extension Pack, or a downtube cover for endless riding. The new battery also now features on and off via the remote without having to remove the battery. New charging port cap adds a nice touch and reduces maintenance in the future.

Cairn Electric gravel bike with fazua ride street 50
Cairn Electric gravel bike with fazua ride street 50


The FAZUA App is the central command hub of your energy bike. You can personalize your ride modes with the customizer. This allows you to tune the Fazua system to whatever your ride demands, you can even change it mid-ride. If you don't fancy making changes on the move, you have the option to download pre-set ride profiles designed and tuned by those that do the same riding. Find out more about the Fazua App Here.

Fazua Ride 50 also has connectively with most major external computers. New data, familiar tools. Find out if your device is compatible here.

Fazua App

If you have any issues with your Fazua system please feel free to contact us.